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cases that have been Priory solved or decided

The Computer is proved to be an assisting machine or designing tool for
engineers, architects, and designer to perform their large, and
complex job in a very short period.
Example of such designing project of car making, designing, office
the building, and shaping plaza.
Computer in Ilcallh Care
The doctor diagnoses illness by entering patients, symptoms into

the computer, and prescribe medicines accordingly. The doctor mistakes the final
decision but the computer speedup the process. It also:o keep records
of the patient’s appointment and bills etc.

Computer and law

In law chambers, computers are used to store a data bank of all those
cases that have been Priory solved or decided. This enables the
lawyer to study any case that helps him deal with his current case.
Computer in Police Department
The Police used the computer to help them catch criminals. Data
about criminals and suspects can be stored on the Computer . All the
information about a crime can be fed into a computer, which can
search through its tore and checks facts.
computer in the Home
Now a day the computer becomes a necessity of home like other
electrical appliances. Children play games on it keeps track of the
stamp collections, draw pictures, play music view movies, and do
some sort of reading and writing according to Co (hc needs. Father can
write his reports and make calculations while the mother can. play
nutritional meals, make a budget, etc. they can use a computer for
electronic mail and internet services,

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