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which have infected Computers.

, a Virus is defined as a tiny scrap of genetic code that
attacks a living cell and produces replications of itself.
What is Computer Virus?
A computer virus is a small• program that attaches itself to another
program and often attacks software by making copies of itself. Like
biological viruses, it can also be spread from one Computer system to
another while swapping disks or via Computer networks. A
A computer virus is a program that replicates itself by attaching itself
to another program. The latest count includes thousands of Viruses,
which have infected Computers.
A Virus program often small i.e. consists of a few lines of
programming code that can be easily hidden in another health
program. They may infect MicroComputers, mini Computers, and
even mainframe computers.
Computer Viruses can be created in any microcomputer and are
transmitted to others when an infected disk is used. Computer Viruses
may be harmless and do nothing more than to display a short
message or they may be malignant which destroys or alter data.
There are many companies in the US that sell computer software to
protect computer systems from Virus infections. These include
programs with names like Toolkit, Virus-Scan, Vaccine, etc. Anti-
Virus programs use Virus signatures to detect known computer
Viruses. A Virus signature is a series of hexadecimal codes that
uniquely identify a Virus. By updating the signature file, we can enable
Anti-Virus to detect new Viruses.
Computer crime can be defined as any crime that is committed by
means of special knowledge or expert use of computer
technology. Computer crime became a serious problem in the late

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