Now a day the computer becomes a necessity

computers are used to store a data bank of all those cases that have been Priory solved or decided. This enables the lawyer to study any case that helps him deal with his current case.
Computer in Police Department The Police used the computer to help them catch criminals. Data about criminals and suspects can be stored on the computer. All the information about a crime can be fed into a computer, which can search through its tore and checks facts. Computer in the Home

Now a day the computer becomes a necessity of home like other electrical appliances. Children play games on it keeps track of the stamp collections, draw pictures, play music view movies, and do some sort of reading and writing according to Co (hc needs.

Father can write his reports and make calculations while the mother can. play nutritional meals, make a budget, etc. they can use a computer for electronic mail and internet services revolution some innocent people may be harmed. Hence there are basically two types of impacts of computers on people:

1 -Positive Impacts.
2-Negative Impacts.

1.Positive Impact:- Many people enjoy challenging careers in
Computers departments as managers, system designers programmers, and -computer operators. But we all benefit in otherways from computer usage. We benefit as consumers of the goods and services provided by computer-using organizations. And we benefit at home by using personal computers for work and for play. Employment benefits:-Each day, computers help millions of people

to do their jobs more efficiently. But employment benefits certainly are not restricted to managers. Health care researchers and other scientists now use computers to control research into complex
problem areas that could not otherwise be studied. Layers use online legal data banks to locate cases in order to serve clients better. And the job duties of some office and factory workers have changed from

Time Is Money And Money Is Power

routine, repetitive operations to more varied and appealing tasks through computer usage. For example, office workers who understand text processing, computing, and data communications
usually have a vital role and are given crucial office functions to perform.

Greater efficiency:- Business have always avoided the wastage of time Therefore computer is such a machine which has increased their efficiency and have reduced their time wastage. In minimum time,
we can take a lot of work from it because in business time is money and money is power.

Higher’ quality products:- Computers may also help to improve the quality of the products and services we receive nowadays. For example, Microcomputers installed in cars now provide a more efficient means of controlling the engine’s fuel mixture, ignition timing, etc. Aid to the handicapped:- Microcomputers can control devices that allow severely handicapped persons to feed themselves even though

they have no upper limb responses improved Safety:- Computer usage contributes to personal safety in many ways. For example, Computer-controlled antilock bricking systems in aircraft and cars to help in preventing dangerous

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